Author Archives: Justin Corona

T-REIGN and BOOMERANG showcase at Shot Show 2018

T-Reign Outdoor products and Boomerang Tool Company, the leaders in the outdoor retractable tether gear market, are once again combining forces at the SHOT SHOW 2018 and giving customers the products they trust and the sales and retail tools necessary to merchandise and align our brands for future growth Wowing our customers is one of […]

KEY-BAK Introduces the Ratch-It Retractable Ratcheting Tether

KEY-BAK®, the originator of the retractable key reel, continues its tradition of creating durable products for the security and safety industries by introducing the Ratch-It Retractable Ratcheting Tether. KEY-BAK’s Ratch-It Retractable Ratcheting Tether locks the reel in 5” intervals. Just pull the retractor to the desired length and the cord will lock in place. With […]

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