WCC recognizes that any Authorized Reseller can make its own independent decisions to advertise and sell any West Coast Corporation product at any price it chooses without consulting or advising WCC. However, WCC similarly has the right to make its own independent decisions regarding product allocations and participation of a reseller as an Authorized Reseller. WCC, in its unilateral discretion, reserves the right to cancel all orders, indefinitely refuse to accept any new orders, and terminate the Authorized Reseller status of any reseller following WCC’s verification that such reseller has advertised any WCC product less than the current MAP price. WCC believes that enforcement of the MAP Policy will make West Coast Corporation products more competitive and benefit all of its Authorized Resellers. MAP Policy is as follows:

  1. Reseller agrees WCC may modify or amend this agreement. Upon receiving notice of modification either through the mail or electronically, Reseller consents to such modification by specifically consenting either directly or electronically or constructively by placing an order with WCC after receiving such notice.
  2. Any reseller determined by WCC to have violated this MAP Policy agrees to cease using WCC intellectual property on any online or physical store or in any advertisement.
  3. Listing a price which is lower than the WCC MAP Price next to a WCC product in any advertising will be viewed as a violation of our MAP Policy. This MAP Policy applies to all advertisements of WCC products in any and all media. This MAP Policy also applies to any activity which WCC, in its sole discretion, determines to be designed or intended to circumvent the intent of this MAP Policy.
  4. WCC will maintain an updated MSRP Price List of all WCC products. WCC reserves the right to update or modify this list at any time. West Coast Corporation’s MSRP price list can always be found here: wcc-mfg.com/mappolicy

If a reseller has multiple stores and violates this MAP Policy with any store, WCC will consider this to be a violation by all of the reseller’s locations.