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Fun Facts

  • Our company has been in business 70 years since 1948.
  • “Russ” Lummis, our founder, started the business, that was to become known as West Coast Corporation, in his kitchen with help from his wife Dorothy.
  • The first hires at our company according to a 1945 sales brochure were a “full -time sales manager and a promotion man”. We still have those departments now called Sales and Marketing today!
  • We have made enough stainless-steel chain since our founding that if we laid it end to end it would stretch all the way from our offices in Ontario, California to New York City!
  • There are 14 precise parts to the Original Key-Bak key reel.
  • KEY-BAK key reels are tested to 1 million pull-out cycles (equivalent to 200 times a day for 15 years)!
  • Our dedicated staff come from all walks of life. West Coast employees give back and serve their communities through volunteering and serving in our military reserve forces.  Our workforce is diverse and international. We are especially proud of our veterans.

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