We design and market innovative products for business, public security, and outdoor enthusiasts. We are an employee-owned company and our entrepreneurial spirit makes us a great business partner and a terrific place to work in Southern California.


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A Story of American Ingenuity

An employee-owned company that manufactures and distributes high quality security products worldwide. We are most famous for the Original KEY-BAK® Retractable Keychain, designed and built in the USA with globally sourced materials. Although it is often copied, it has never been matched in quality, durability or function. Over 70 years later, our namesake retractable key chain has evolved into a variety of styles and configurations designed to secure keys and tools in any application. If you’re looking for a reliable key retractor to secure your keys trust a KEY-BAK.

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Never Lose Your Gear!

At Boomerang Tool Company®, we like to get outdoors. On our team you’ll find fishermen, hikers, campers, joggers, bikers and just about everything else that involves being outside in the sunshine. So we know firsthand how important having the right gear is to enjoying your time in the wild, and we build products we are excited about using ourselves.

Boomerang Tool Company® is founded on American ingenuity and the entrepreneurial spirit. Over 65 years ago, our parent company, West Coast Corporation, invented KEY-BAK, the first self-retracting key reel and we’ve applied that technology that has been proven to outlast the competitors.

We help people like you live life to the fullest –no matter where life’s journey leads.

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World-Famous Fishing Line Knot Tying Tool

Our World-Famous fishing line knot tying tool is made out of stainless steel and will help you tie a variety of fishing line knots quickly and easily like a pro.

  • Stainless Steel
  • Easy-to-use
  • Professional knots every time
  • Ties strong and durable knots
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