About West Coast Corporation

West Coast Corporation manufactures and distributes innovative high quality products that provide security and convenience to our customers worldwide.  Starting with our very first product, the iconic Original KEY-BAK® self retracting key reel, our company has now expanded to offer brands for key security, identification badge security, self retracting reels for industry, loss prevention and for the outdoors.

West Coast Corporation was founded by Russ Lummis with one product, The Original KEY-BAK® self retracting key reel. In 1948 Russ Lummis saw the need for railroad switchmen to have a safer way to carry their keys. Dangling key chains could catch as they mounted and dismounted moving rail cars to attend to their duties. Mr. Lummis’ story is one of American ingenuity and entrepreneurial spirit. The product and industry he started in his garage in Pasadena, California now serves diverse markets in the USA and around the world.

The company quickly grew out of Mr. Lummis’ garage but stayed within Pasadena, at the center of a growing advanced manufacturing industry. With nearby Caltech, NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratories and major aerospace manufacturers West Coast Corporation had access to the best engineering, tooling and materials available. This proximity led to an early adoption of technology and a rapid improvement of the original self retracting key reel to a high quality product engineered with the best materials available anywhere in the world.

By 1985 West Coast Corporation had outgrown its facilities in Pasadena and moved 40 miles east to Ontario, California following the migration of the workforce and industry to newer suburbs of Los Angeles. West Coast Corporation went from one product to many, serving the safety, business, public security and outdoor markets on a global basis. We are proud of our history and the products we manufacture and distribute. We look forward to serving you with innovative, quality products that provide security and convenience.

Our Core Purpose and Values

We want to make a difference in this world by employing American ingenuity to help working people live more productive lives. Every day at West Coast Corporation we work hard to:

  1. Wow our Customers
  2. Keep our Promises
  3. Support the Team
  4. Be Proactive
  5. Deliver Results
  6. Be Positive

The WCC Employee Stock Ownership Plan

As an employee owned company eligible employees own equity in the company in relation to their compensation and tenure through an Employee Stock Ownership Plan (ESOP). The ESOP is an employee retirement plan fully funded by the company that is designed to encourage employees to contribute to the best of their abilities as they share in the ownership and success of the company. We believe the WCC ESOP gives the company a competitive advantage in the marketplace; both as an employer and in the market for our goods as an efficient, entrepreneurial enterprise. Our team of employee owners is our top asset.

Environmental Policy

West Coast Corporation recognizes that proper management of health, safety and the environment is a key factor in achieving sustainable development. We are committed to the implementation of management policies that comply with applicable environmental laws and regulations; the development of high quality products that add value to our customers while optimizing re-usability and recyclability, and the performance of manufacturing practices that ensure the well- being of our employees and the environment.